Fork Lift Operator Training

Forklifts, also referred to as powered industrial trucks, are indispensable tools utilized for lifting and transporting goods in construction and various industries. To attain certification as a forklift operator, individuals must undergo formal instruction, practical training, and undergo a performance assessment.

These vehicles are extensively utilized for lifting and moving heavy loads, making them crucial in numerous industries like agriculture, warehousing, and construction. However, operating a forklift necessitates significant skill due to the potential dangers associated with handling heavy equipment without specialized training, posing risks not only to the operator but also to others nearby.

This free online course provides insights into the operational mechanisms and safety protocols for forklift trucks. As many workplaces rely on forklifts for efficient and safe material handling, this course covers various forklift types’ operational mechanisms, safety considerations for operators, and vehicle inspection procedures. Participants will learn to identify workplace hazards, assess associated risks, and implement necessary safety measures to mitigate workplace accidents.

Our forklift operator training program includes hands-on training, focusing on safe forklift operation. Participants will have the opportunity to practice and learn under the guidance of our instructors, using your equipment at your facility and at your preferred schedule.

Key training components include:
– Proper use of personal protective equipment.
– Familiarization with control systems.
– Safe travel with loads.
– Refueling procedures.
– Pre-operational equipment inspections.
– Execution of common functions during equipment operation.
– Handling and placement of loads.
– Equipment securing protocols.
– Control operation proficiency.
– Skills testing and evaluation to ensure competence.




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Grader Operator Training




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Course Details

Caught-In or between Hazards in Construction: This course educates individuals on the risks associated with getting caught in equipment or between objects, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and preventing accidents.

Forklift Fundamentals: This training program provides comprehensive knowledge about various types of forklifts, their components, controls, and safety features to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Forklift Operator Safety: Designed for forklift operators, this course covers general safety guidelines, operational techniques, load handling procedures, fuel/battery maintenance, special features awareness, and the proper recording of forklift modifications.

Forklift Training (Counterbalanced): Targeted at lift truck operators, this training covers lift truck components, pre-operation inspection protocols, safe handling practices for lifting, moving, and deploying loads, promoting a culture of safety and efficiency.

Forklifts: Ultimate Hazard Perception: This course focuses on advanced forklift operation skills, including maintaining forklift and load stability, navigating tight spaces, working in trailers, recognizing and avoiding overhead hazards, and safe driving practices both with and without loads.

Forklift Operator Safety Training for Construction: Specifically tailored for construction workers, this training equips individuals with essential knowledge to operate forklifts safely, responsibly, and productively within construction sites.

Motorized Pallet Jacks: Safe Operation: This course covers the safe operation of motorized pallet jacks, including pre-use inspections, proper load handling techniques, and safety measures for packing and maneuvering pallet jacks.

Powered Industrial Truck Safety: This training program helps participants identify various powered industrial trucks, understand potential hazards, practice safe operation methods, learn maintenance procedures, and handle recharging/refueling safely.

Sit-down Forklifts: This course assists individuals in identifying different types of sit-down forklifts, conducting pre-shift inspections, mastering safe operating and loading principles, hazard recognition and avoidance, and proper refueling and battery handling procedures.

Stand-up Forklift Operator Training: Designed for stand-up forklift operators, this training explains different forklift types, pre-use inspection protocols, safe operation guidelines, load handling techniques, proper battery care, and strategies for identifying and avoiding hazards.

Telehandler (Variable Reach Forklift): This course covers telehandler components, inspection routines, safe operation near powerlines, traveling safety, lift techniques, understanding safety symbols, and utilizing load charts effectively to ensure safe telehandler operation.

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