Gain expertise in operating various sizes of Excavators safely and effectively through our comprehensive training program. Over the span of 5 weeks, students will immerse themselves in 115 hours of hands-on machine operation shifts, complemented by online theoretical instruction using the industry-standard educational software, Moodle. Additionally, daily live online meetings with instructors and fellow students via Microsoft Teams ensure interactive learning experiences.

Students are encouraged to bring their own laptop or tablet to access the training materials. Those without access to devices can utilize our student computer lab for study sessions. The course includes four essential safety certifications (WHMIS, CSTS, GD2, and First Aid) within the tuition, with optional additional safety training available for a fee.

As students progress through the course, they will tackle increasingly challenging tasks on the machines to ensure they acquire the necessary skills for real-world scenarios. Our Excavator Certification Course emphasizes best safety practices and optimal performance. Participants will gain insights into current health and safety standards, proper operating techniques, and maintenance protocols.

The course structure comprises classroom theory, a written assessment, and practical hands-on experience. Multimedia presentations and interactive discussions enhance the theoretical understanding, which is further reinforced through workbooks and written tests. This ensures comprehensive learning before practical assessment and application.

All course content adheres to current CSA and ANSI standards, guaranteeing industry-relevant training. Please note that this course is exclusively available as private onsite training.

Excavator Training Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long does it take to learn Excavator operation in Uganda?
The duration of excavator operation training typically spans three weeks in specialized schools like HEC. Students get ample practice on excavators and related equipment during the course.

2. What is the cost of learning excavator operation in Uganda?
Training programs can cost organizations between Ugx. 2,000,000 to Ugx. 5,000,000, varying based on factors such as location and equipment used.

3. What are the responsibilities of an excavator operator?
Excavator operators are tasked with excavating, clearing, moving, loading, and unloading materials using heavy machinery. They may also work with power shovels for excavating materials from quarries or construction sites.

4. Is learning excavator operation challenging?
Operating excavators requires mastering joystick controls for arm movement and digging attachments. While it can be challenging, dedicated practice helps operators become proficient in excavating tasks.

Excavator Training Overview:

– Safety standards and regulations.
– Fundamentals of excavator controls.
– Hazard identification.
– Preventative maintenance procedures.
– Pre-operation site inspections.
– Safe operating practices and machine orientation.
– Start-up and shut down procedures.
– Excavation techniques including trenching and loading.
– Machine positioning and control.
– Transportation and securement standards for equipment.




In-field Instructional Theory






Grader Operator Training




First Aid





Course Details


Having a comprehensive understanding of heavy machinery is essential for optimal usage. Familiarizing yourself with every component of the grader, particularly its internal cabin, enables you to leverage its capabilities effectively to accomplish tasks efficiently.


We blend theoretical knowledge with hands-on training to equip you with practical expertise that reflects real-world scenarios.


Similar to all heavy machinery, prioritizing safety is crucial when operating a grader. Upon completing the training, you’ll gain valuable insights into implementing the best safety protocols, thereby contributing to a safer construction site environment for yourself and others as a bulldozer operator.

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