Tower Crane Operator Training

The role of a Mobile Crane operator is a vital occupation that is here to stay and will only become more essential as infrastructure improvements and development projects continue to expand. Regardless of the crane’s type or size you intend to operate, proper training and certification from an accredited testing organization are essential prerequisites.

Mastering the skills required to operate a crane, whether for your employees or yourself, is not a quick process that can be completed in a day or two. Even grasping the foundational responsibilities of a crane operator before engaging in actual crane operation demands time and dedication. At Friendly Heavy Machinery, we understand the challenges posed by budget limitations and the need to minimize time away from work for training purposes. We offer comprehensive training materials and a solid foundation to kickstart your novice operators on the right path. For seasoned operators, our refresher programs ensure ongoing compliance with relevant standards and regulations, including site-specific protocols.

Our tailored crane operator training is meticulously crafted to equip operators with the knowledge and skills needed to operate cranes safely and efficiently across diverse scenarios. The training program comprises classroom sessions with written assessments and hands-on training coupled with practical evaluations. We customize the training based on participants’ existing skill levels and can make adjustments to suit your specific requirements. Below is a basic outline that serves as a starting point and will be tailored to meet the needs of your personnel and equipment.




In-field Instructional Theory






Grader Operator Training




First Aid





Course Details


Having a comprehensive understanding of heavy machinery is essential for optimal usage. Familiarizing yourself with every component of the grader, particularly its internal cabin, enables you to leverage its capabilities effectively to accomplish tasks efficiently.


We blend theoretical knowledge with hands-on training to equip you with practical expertise that reflects real-world scenarios.


Similar to all heavy machinery, prioritizing safety is crucial when operating a grader. Upon completing the training, you’ll gain valuable insights into implementing the best safety protocols, thereby contributing to a safer construction site environment for yourself and others as a bulldozer operator.

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